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  • Portable UV Sterilizer U200

    Type:                               UV Sterilization

    Application:                     Personal use

    Style:                               UV sterilize light

    Wavelength:                    250-285nm

    Life of UV Lamp Beads:  20000Hours

    Warranty:                         1 year

    Rated Power:                   1A

    Voltage:                            DC 5V

    Material:                           Plastic ABS

    Working temperature:       -15~60 degrees

    Weight:                             266g

    Dimension:                       228*118*50MM

    Place of Origin:                Guangdong, China

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    Material:                           ABS+PC
    Standard Input:                DC 5V/2A
    Sterilization:                      2W  
    UV lamp:                           2*1W
    UV wavelength:                 253.7nm
    Working Temperature:     10×-1℃~45℃
    Night Light Power:            1.5W
    Product Size:                      240*117*55 mm
    Color:                                 light green, sea blue, pink, color also could be customized

    DIY perfume, can add fragrance to the disinfection items;